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We delight in knowing you come back to us time and time again. After over 20 years, this means an enormous amount.

The History

Flavour of India is a proud restaurant institution in Sydney, and our menu captures flavours and cooking styles from every corner of the beautiful continent that is India.

We have a committed long standing team along with a few new faces. Our acclaimed head chef Hayat, has been here from day one and his team in the kitchen average 12 years of service. Hayat's philosophy as a head chef is that if your team is happy, calm & energetic, from that good food full of love will come.

Bevan & Christine Neale, old friends of the original owner Lola Crossingham, are now at the helm, with a floor team dedicated to ensuring you have a fabulous experience, many of whom have been serving you for years already.

Our drivers are a character filled bunch, driving all over the eastern suburbs and racing each other, to be the most speedy driver (within the boundaries of the law of course) of the night!

We love feeding people. Our local clientele, our hollywood A-lister regulars (they like Indian food too!) and our tourists on a good tip off are all always welcome and in 2018/2019 we have a few exciting surprises in stall for you all.

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RESERVATION NUMBER: 02-9326-2659 | LOCATION: 128 New South Head Road, Edgecliff


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